Beware of the Raspberry killer

I got me some raspberry aroma from the perfumers apprentice, the idea was to use it to pimp up some melon ejuice I tried earlier but found to be way to weak. Then i got some idea to try a mix with raspberry, graham crackers and Creme de Menth, and even thou I only had maybe 1% raspberry it took over everything so i put that batch away to steep some more.

The mistake

A few days later when I was vaping ejuice from Suicide Bunny, the tank was running dry so I was about to refill it with more bunny I managed to take the wrong bottle and refilled with the bad raspberry ejuice. Well first I was just surprised it didn’t taste like Bunny, but when I realized my mistake I was bummed about ruining the bunny I had left in the tank before I refilled now was ruined.

It never ends

After I thrown away all juice in the tank, cleaned it with boiling water and refilled it with real Bunny juice, screwed it all together I expected the raspberry taste to linger a bit still since I didnt clean the coil, but what the HE¤%%#¤%LL!!! I Vaped for hours and the raspberry taste didn’t go away for a second, I actually had to switch out the coil.

So my conclusion is this, Only use a few drops of the raspberry or you ruin your ejuice, and let it stew good. and yea… label your bottles 🙂

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