Molinberry Cheesecake

Molinberry Cheesecake

Who does not love Cheesecake? I really like Cheesecake so I just had to give Molinberry Cheesecake a go, and myself a opportunity to vape a good eliquid with Cheesecake-flavor.

Since I like Cheesecake the expectations and demands are extra high and Molinshops own description says: “Delicious cheesecake flavor almost like legendary New York style. … Read more

Esmokes – no not again!


Esmokes sold me my first ecigarette, a Joyetech eVic VT Full Kit, 60W for about $80. My future mods I will get from other suppliers. I wanted to buy from a Swedish store (I´m Swedish) that felt secure since it was my first ecigarette / mod and it involved a descent amount of money.

Comfort/Security … Read more

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