Springcleaning in the vape paradise

vape equipment

When you have ben vaping a while, you might realize you have become a bit of a horder, so did I some time ago. I think I had 5-6 diffrent cookie-jars with all my equipment and it was starting to get out of control.

So I have ben searching suitable storage for some time and … Read more

Vapemail with Molinberry flavors arrived today

molinberry vapemail

Today I got my vapemail with Molinberry flavors I ordered a few days ago, really fast delivery from Polen to Sweden.

I stumbled upon Molinberry in some forums when I searched for new places to get DIY ingredients to my favorite eliquid recipe Suicide Bunny. Lots of people had good things to say about … Read more

Vaper’s Tongue: How you cure it


Sooner or later it happens to all vapers, you slowly realize vaping tastes lesser and lesser and finally one day when you are vaping your favorite e-liquid for the 14´th day in a row you just: Where is the flavor!
You start to change the settings of your rig back and forth, you change the … Read more

Change cotton in your coil for cheap Vaping

change cotton in your coil

Changing cotton on my KangerTech coil today, A good way to prolong the life-length of your coils and make cheaper vaping is to change the cotton instead of just buying a new coil when it tastes burnt out.

It might take you a few tries before you learn to use the right amount of cotton. … Read more

Can you vape Vanilla extract from the local food-store?

Yesterday when I was at the local food-store I noticed they had a bottle of “Bourbon Vanilla Extract” and I got an Impulse it should be possible to vape it.

After some research I found out it didn’t contain any oil or any other strange substances so I got me a bottle 50cl for about … Read more

New e-liquid recipe for Mothers Milk

Suicide bunny mothers milk

I love Suicide Bunnys Mothers Milk

Everyone that makes their own e-liquid knows the feeling when you engaged your self in finding a new recipe you are curious about Vaping, mixed all the ingredients, had the ejuice crock-potted for XX hours, had it breath and steep XX and 24 hours later or so finally get … Read more

Vaping e-cigarette, How does it work

When people see me with my e-cigarette or when I mention I vape questions soon follows about what it is and how it works so I´m gonna try and explain the basics with as few words as possible.

When you Vape

You inhale a vaporized fluid called ejuice, with or without nicotine is your choice … Read more

Speed steeping with a coffee-maker

Speed steeping e-liquid

There is tons of advises out there on how to mix, DIY and steep your ejuice, you just have to go with the one that matches your equipment, deadlines etc. At the beginning I used to just put the plastic bottles in the Owen at the lowest temperature for a few hours, even tried microwaving … Read more

Beware of the Raspberry killer

I got me some raspberry aroma from the perfumers apprentice, the idea was to use it to pimp up some melon ejuice I tried earlier but found to be way to weak. Then i got some idea to try a mix with raspberry, graham crackers and Creme de Menth, and even thou I only had … Read more

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