Sweet sweet Bunny, finally nailed the ejuice recipe

Suicide Bunny Original

Yesterday i mixed another attempt of complete happiness, trying to make my own e-liquid taste like Suicide Bunny Original and I swear I finally did it,  I swear this is it, I cant tell the difference from the original $22 dollar ejuice bottle.

Here is the recipe for my OG Happy Bunny ejuice


19ml or

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My Vape allergi cure arrived

Suicide Bunny Original

Finally I got my delivery for my last order with 100% PG 6mg Nicotine base-fluid arrived, ofc along with some flavors I needed to try another bunny ejuice recipe I planned to try.

I mentioned earlier that I figured out that I was oversensitive to the VG and that vaping 80% VG base-fluid had caused … Read more

After Eight, lucky e-liquid mix attempt

After Eight

Think I nailed my last e-liquid recipe to taste like After Eight candy and I must say it was a pleasant vape, anyway let me tell you about it.

Since Irish Coffee was my first love discovering different e-liquids, I mixed to many bottles that I don´t vape as much any more. So I started … Read more

Trouble in the bunny paradise

With my renewed inspiration for e-liquids from the Suicide Bunny series I am mixing ejuices and vaping happier then ever.  But there are dark clouds in my mind, I  have been struggling a month or two with dry skin and dry itching eyes, started maybe a month after I became a vaper, real pain in … Read more

Happy Bunny

I received a discount-coupon for a atomizer that brake after a few weeks, the one that came with my eVic. And also cause i was unhappy with the other atomizers i bought (I will update with the model when I find it again)
Anyway i went back to find something to buy with this discount … Read more

First e-liquid mixing – try & error

When you get the package on the mail, with the flavors you ordered you are so so exited and want to mix it up and start vaping right away, but we all know that is not the way, well I didn’t when i got my mail with my first nicotine bases and mixing kit.


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Figure out how you like to vape

So i had my eVic VT  e-cigarette for a while and its like a whole new vaping world appeared before me.  But figure out what you like in this vape-jungle is not done over night, i mean you get so many different experiences depending on your combination of ejuices, nicotine strengths, PG/VG ratio, mods, atomizers, … Read more

It has begun, Vaping like a pro

evic the e-cigarette in my vape inventory

Another vaping recap and a followup on last post.
As I mentioned earlier, I was to get a “real” e-cigarette for birthday-present from my girlfriend, all I had to do was pick one out. So I had my friend over the same day to guide me thru this new vaping jungle.
I wanted a good … Read more

So it begins, vape or not to vape

This is actually a while back, about 115 days or so, but lets have a little vaping recap how I got my first e-cigarette and how my vaping begun.

I had struggled some time trying to quit smoking cigarettes, and had a lot of support from my family, not just cause smoking smells rally bad … Read more

Lets get this vape blog up ´n running

Call me VaporJerry, or just Jerry if that suits you better, I will respond in any case.

This blog will be mainly about my vaping
– why I vape, how I vape, why i started vaping and why I will never quit.

Why I starting to blog about it? Its simply because I have found … Read more

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