Change cotton in your coil for cheap Vaping

change cotton in your coil

Changing cotton on my KangerTech coil today, A good way to prolong the life-length of your coils and make cheaper vaping is to change the cotton instead of just buying a new coil when it tastes burnt out.

It might take you a few tries before you learn to use the right amount of cotton. To little your tank floods over, and if you use to much you get to little e-liquid thru and you get a dry disgusting vape-experience that you do not want, its only your wallet you want to give a cheaper vaping.

When you change cotton, you have to:
1. Moist the cotton allot with e-liquid manually
2. Put your tank together and fill it with e-liquid
3. Wait at-least 10 minutes
4. Start you vejping with low wattage and raise it in small steps till it tastes as you prefer

I watched this video before I changed cotton my self for the first time.

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