Figure out how you like to vape

So i had my eVic VT  e-cigarette for a while and its like a whole new vaping world appeared before me.  But figure out what you like in this vape-jungle is not done over night, i mean you get so many different experiences depending on your combination of ejuices, nicotine strengths, PG/VG ratio, mods, atomizers, coils ohms , wattage and so on.
And you cant just google whats the best combination, cause we all search different sensations when we are vaping.

My self, I dont need any big clouds, I want a good taste and a little throat hit but not too much, just enough to simulate the feeling of inhaling a regular cigarette. I have achieved this with my eVic VT e-cigarette usually set to between 12-15W and a good Atomizer and coils at 0.50 & 1.20 Ohm from Kangertech, and 6mg nicotine seem to be right up my alley at 75/25 PG/VG. But ofc this was not discovered over night, many trial & errors before that and probably more to come.
vaping ejuice with 6mg nicotine seem to be like smoking 2-4 cigarettes/day according to most of the diagrams I found on the internet.


Even the way you vape and inhale differ depending on who you ask, I tend to do it the same way I smoked regular cigarettes, I first fill my mounth with a medium vape-cloud, waiting a second and then inhale it, but not always, sometimes i just keep it in my mouth for a while, almost inhaling it but stops when its about to enter my throat and then exhale throu my nose cause I feel I get lots of aromas that way.

The care-package with e-juices my friend gave my started to run out and I had to refill, so I checked out the same webshop my friend did his shopping in and my first order was some pre-mixed ejuice from Dekang: Coffee and  Caramel Mocha-Irish Coffee. I already liked the Coffey from before, but when I tasted the Irish Coffee I was hooked.  Vaping it didnt only giving me the sensation of smoking but also some of the sensation you have drinking your morning coffee at some vapes, and some more sweet-tasting like deserts.

Need larger quantity’s!

I soon realized that this 10ml bottles with ejuice are not gonna last forever and buying them is not economic so I started looking on whats needed for cooking your own ejuice. So my next order from the webshop was  Base-fluids, flavors for Irish Coffee, some Coconut Extra, syringes and bottles.
what to do and not to do when your first mixing kit comes I should have googled some more, but yea, that´s a story for my next post 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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