First e-liquid mixing – try & error

When you get the package on the mail, with the flavors you ordered you are so so exited and want to mix it up and start vaping right away, but we all know that is not the way, well I didn’t when i got my mail with my first nicotine bases and mixing kit.

Here is my first try & error

I had shopped for a 75/25 PG/VG base-fluid at 16mg. First of all I wanted a end result at 8mg and didn’t do my homework, googling or getting the facts about DYI:ing your juice so I just assumed i just make a bottle 50/50 nicotine-base and flavors, LOL was I in for a surprise.

Flavors I got in my package was Dekang Irish Coffee and Coconut Extra from the Flavour aprentice. I was so curious about the coconut so i opened my atomizer-tank and filled some concentrated coconut straight in to the tank with my apple-juice that was already there, maybe ended up with 15% of coconut in that tank, I even dripped some concentrated coconut directly on the coil-cotton, putted the tank back and started vaping. Omg that was a horrible horrible experience, it was so so chemical I almost puked, and my whole apartment stank of coconut for days, even after I cleaned my tank with boiling water and switched coil i could sense the coconut for over a week.

I know lots of you are laughing at my expense now, maybe someone done the same but i doubt anyone will come clean if so. First of all, This Coconut is probably best mixed at Max 1-3%, and second you mix it in a bottle, letting it stew for at least a week so the stuff can blend together.  Or atleast heat it up and let it cool for a day if you are in a hurry to try it.

Then I did my homework, sort of…

After that I did my googling and my first attempts with Irish Coffee came out pretty nice where I mixed about 12% of Dekangs Irish Coffee and had it stew for a week. After that I started my mass-production making a new batch every week, a little more then I could vape so I always had some bottles that had stewed for at least 2 weeks. But I bought new base-liquid first on 6mg so my endresult are probably 4-5mg nicotine and way lower then most ppl vape.

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