Happy Bunny

I received a discount-coupon for a atomizer that brake after a few weeks, the one that came with my eVic. And also cause i was unhappy with the other atomizers i bought (I will update with the model when I find it again)
Anyway i went back to find something to buy with this discount and for some reason I stumbled upon this juice called Suicide Bunny, I didn’t like the price-tag much but it got my interest and hey I had discount so I got the Suicide Bunny Original at 6mg.

By the time I received it I had learned that some speed-steep, and there see m to be 100 ways to do it, but I decided to give it a go and what felt right for me was to just put the bottle in the uven at 40 Celsius 1 hour, and shake  now and then. After I picket it out from the uven I let it cool down in room-temperatur for at least another hour.

Finally I could put the Bunny in my tank, and I vaped, and vaped, and vaped. I was amazed! It was so so incredible good and I didn’t wanna do anything else but vaping it for the rest of the evening. I probably vaped 5ml my self just that day

Now I´m a happy bunny

As I said, the price-tag…. No way I´m paying $22 for 30ml combined with the amount I am vaping this, I had to find recipes and hey it turns out to be plenty out there. Its like a whole new world appeared right in front of me AGAIN!!! and I had ro renew my flavour-inventory so I can make my own stock of this.
I will add my version of the bunny mixes in my recipe list.


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