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evic the e-cigarette in my vape inventory

Another vaping recap and a followup on last post.
As I mentioned earlier, I was to get a “real” e-cigarette for birthday-present from my girlfriend, all I had to do was pick one out. So I had my friend over the same day to guide me thru this new vaping jungle.
I wanted a good e-cigarette of-course, but I didn’t want my girlfriend to spend more money then needed.

We searched thru several machines and mods, looking for one that had Wattage and temperature control, descent battery and usable for sub-ohming. Not to mention the right price 🙂

What I ended up with picking was the Joytech eVic VT Full kit 60W, Received it after a few days and my friend hooked me up with some store-made ejuice to get started vaping.  In his care-package there was a mix of ejuices, I think it was melon, tobacco, Coffey flavors and a blend of Coffey & tobacco got my interest right away so it didn´t take long for me to order some more Coffey, and at the same time i ordered some pre-made Irish coffee ejuice.

The Irish Coffey i ended up with started a whole new journey I will tell you about later.

Anyway, I love my eVic, thank you love for the gift, hope you don´t regret the doors you opened 🙂

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