Vapemail with Molinberry flavors arrived today

molinberry vapemail

Today I got my vapemail with Molinberry flavors I ordered a few days ago, really fast delivery from Polen to Sweden.

I stumbled upon Molinberry in some forums when I searched for new places to get DIY ingredients to my favorite eliquid recipe Suicide Bunny. Lots of people had good things to say about them so I checked out their webpage and felt they had a thrilling set of flavors so I thought this might be a good time to find new flavors so I can get new favorites to rotate, a good way to lower the risk of getting vapor´s tongue.

The Molinberry flavors I picked

I picked out some flavors: Creamy vanilla, Pannacotta, Cheesecake,  milkshake,caramel, creamy cake, OMG, nut banana och hazelnut.
If it tastes good there will be some blogging and reviews.

I already started a batch with a flavor they call OMG! that they describe as (Delicious & soft vanilla cupcake topped with cocoa milk cream finished with a hint of chocolate shake).

I´m trying to mix it 6% when most people recommended 5-6%.
Now it sits speed steeping in my coffeemaker a few hours, and after it has cooled down I will let it breath over the night

So tomorrow we will know how Molinberry OMG! tastes

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