New e-liquid recipe for Mothers Milk

Suicide bunny mothers milk

I love Suicide Bunnys Mothers Milk

Everyone that makes their own e-liquid knows the feeling when you engaged your self in finding a new recipe you are curious about Vaping, mixed all the ingredients, had the ejuice crock-potted for XX hours, had it breath and steep XX and 24 hours later or so finally get to vape your creation and confirm that damn this ejuice turned out fine, I wanna vape this all night.

Today, after a few not so good experiments I got to relive this feeling again. I had ben looking at a recipe for Suicide Bunny Mothers Milk, with more ingredients then my other recipe but totally 7% less flavors.

E-liquid recipe for Suicide Bunny, Mothers Milk v2

23 ml or 77% Baseliquid with PG/VG & mg as you like it.
0.9 ml or 3% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
0.9 ml or 3% Whipped Cream (TPA)
0.6 ml or 2% Vanilla Custard (FW)
3ml or 10% Wild Strawberry (FA)
1.5ml or 5% Graham Crackers (TPA)

As you can see the flavors are almost the same as my recipe for Suicide Bunny Original ejuice, without Coconut but a lot of Strawberry instead.
But I promise you, this turned out to be a really nice e-liquid worth vaping, tastes like Strawberry Milkshake.

Added the recipe to my ejuice-list

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