E-liquid Recipes

Recipes on e-liquids also called ejuice I tested, are tweaking and vaping.  If you have any sugestion for a great recipe based on the aromas I have stocked, plz tell me.


Ejuice Recipes

  • Banana Skids

    Banana Skids

    93% Baseliquid PG/VG Nicotine 
    7% Nut Banana (Molinberry)

  • Irish Coffee

    88% Baseliquid: PG 20% - VG 80% - 6mg nicotine
    12% Dekang Irish coffee

    My first successful DIY test, vaped it for weeks before I even got curious on trying anything else. Was extra nice with a sub-ohm and had a fine blend betwen throat-hit, taste & sweetnes
    Let it steep for atleast a week

  • After Eight

    After Eight

    80% Baseliquid PG/VG Nicotine 
    12% Irish Coffee (Dekang)
    6% Graham Crackers (TPA)
    2% Creme de Menth (TPA)

  • Happy Bunny OG

    (Suicide Bunny Original) I swear this is it, I cant tell the diffrence from the $22 dollar bottle

    19ml or 87% Baseliquid PG/VG 75/25 8 mg Nikotin
    1.1ml or 5% Vanilla Custard (FLA)
    0.77ml or 3.5% Graham Crackers (TPA)
    0.44ml or 2% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
    0.44ml or 2% Whipped Cream (TPA)
    0.11ml or 0.5% Coconut Extra (TFA)

  • Happy Bunny Milk

    (Suicide Bunny - Mothers milk)
    Only tried it with 80%VG and 6mg nicotine, aromas feels a little bit too week, so when i get my PG liquid im hoping for more aromas. But still a great vape. Tastes alot like strawberry milk/milkshake

    20ml bottle
    70% or 14ml - Base Nicotine juice PG/VG
    15% or 3ml - Graham Crackers (TPA) 
    7.5% or 1.5ml - Wild Strawberry (Dekang)
    7.5% or 1.5ml - Vanilla Custard (TPA)

  • Happy Bunny Milk v2

    23 ml or 77% Baseliquid with PG/VG & mg as you like it. 
    0.9 ml or 3% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
    0.9 ml or 3% Whipped Cream (TPA)
    0.6 ml or 2% Vanilla Custard (FW)
    3ml or 10% Wild Strawberry (FA)
    1.5ml or 5% Graham Crackers (TPA)

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