My interest for vaping grows stronger every day and I love to share my experiences so I will review the products I try and share it with you here

Do you have any suggestions on reviews you would like to see here, or have any products you want me to try drop me an email on or send them to my adress: Jerry Edfors, Storgatan 58, 82452 Hudiksvall, Sweden

Molinberry flavours – DIY E-juice

DIY is really my thing and I mix most of my e-juice my self, so one day when I was poking around in some forums about flavors I came across a thread about Molinberry where they where saying lots of good things and that Molinberrys aromas was 100% without Diacetyl and not Genetically modified 

So … Read more

Molinberry Cheesecake

Molinberry Cheesecake

Who does not love Cheesecake? I really like Cheesecake so I just had to give Molinberry Cheesecake a go, and myself a opportunity to vape a good eliquid with Cheesecake-flavor.

Since I like Cheesecake the expectations and demands are extra high and Molinshops own description says: “Delicious cheesecake flavor almost like legendary New York style. … Read more

Esmokes – no not again!


Esmokes sold me my first ecigarette, a Joyetech eVic VT Full Kit, 60W for about $80. My future mods I will get from other suppliers. I wanted to buy from a Swedish store (I´m Swedish) that felt secure since it was my first ecigarette / mod and it involved a descent amount of money.

Comfort/Security … Read more

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