So it begins, vape or not to vape

This is actually a while back, about 115 days or so, but lets have a little vaping recap how I got my first e-cigarette and how my vaping begun.

I had struggled some time trying to quit smoking cigarettes, and had a lot of support from my family, not just cause smoking smells rally bad for those that are not smokers, but also cause they really wanted me to be healthy.

I had come a long way with support and medicine and was down do 2,3 cigarettes /day and had a really hard time giving up those last cigarettes, and everyone that has tried quit smoking knows that sooner or later those 2,3 cigarettes going to be 6,7,8 /day and eventually you are back to a pack/day.

Anyways, my birthday was coming up, and my quit-smoking medicine was about to run out, I started to get depressed about the whole not-ever-smoke-again thing and  my girlfriend asked me again If I wanted a e-cigarette for present like my friend had. She asked several times but i wasn’t sure if it was for me and I knew the god ones costs some money and I didn’t want her to waste any on it if I wasn’t sure I would like it.

The birthday

My 43´ts birthday or so eventually came up, she asked me again i I wanted a e-cigarette I had a brilliant Idea, i went to a local store that i knew had some cheap e-cigarettes, you knew those ego-t pens. Think i got one for about $20 and I got some nicotine-free liquids, rushed home and charged it and started vaping and said that I am gonna try this one before I decide if I want a real one.

Its decided

Did not take long to decide, I liked the feeling. Of course it wasn’t like smoking I was used to, but it was close enough. I get to puff when i sipping my coffee and to be honest it tasted better. Life felt worth living again and I could finally let go of my near-death experience every time I thought of never smoking again.  So I asked my girlfriend to get me a real machine, and asked my  friend who was already a vaper to come help me pick up a good machine in a reasonable price-range. What we picked will be a later story but here I am 115 days later and no regrets.

Only ones that might be as happy as me would be my family or my colleges at work that no longer has to put up with my smoker-stank every time I ben out for a smoke 🙂

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