Sweet sweet Bunny, finally nailed the ejuice recipe

Suicide Bunny Original

Yesterday i mixed another attempt of complete happiness, trying to make my own e-liquid taste like Suicide Bunny Original and I swear I finally did it,  I swear this is it, I cant tell the difference from the original $22 dollar ejuice bottle.

Here is the recipe for my OG Happy Bunny ejuice


19ml or 87% Baseliquid PG/VG 75/25 8 mg Nikotin
​1.1ml or 5% Vanilla Custard (FLA)
0.77ml or 3.5% Graham Crackers (TPA)
0.44ml or 2% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
0.44ml or 2% Whipped Cream (TPA)
0.11ml or 0.5% Coconut Extra (TFA)

After mixing I had it in the Owen for about 2 hours at 40 degrees Celsius, and after that I let it stew for 12-24 hours

And lucky me I have a Original bottle to pour my happiness in

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  1. Perk

    Sounds great, I planned to try a bunny mix someday so I will go with this one 🙂

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