Trouble in the bunny paradise

With my renewed inspiration for e-liquids from the Suicide Bunny series I am mixing ejuices and vaping happier then ever.  But there are dark clouds in my mind, I  have been struggling a month or two with dry skin and dry itching eyes, started maybe a month after I became a vaper, real pain in the ass.
At first i looked for reasons in the weather, dust, bad detergent, dehydration and so on, trying all sorts of medicine but never really get much better of anything.

My girlfriend told me I was living in denial that I was reacting on the vaping, told me a few times actually but i didn’t want to listen at first

Allergic against vaping?

Ohhh, that would really be a bummer, cant see my self quit this now so I start googling and read in several places that in some rare occasions people get allergic-like reactions to the PG part of the nicotine base… so I buy a flask of 100% VG and starts vaping that for a few days and gets even worse, I woke up in the middle of the nights and are so dry in my throat I have to get up for water…..

Then it hits me like a ton of bricks… First month I vaped mostly stor-mixed e-liquid I got from my friend, they where 75% PG, and only 25% VG. Then I got my stuff for cooking my own juices for some reason I switched to 20%PG and 80%VG. then it all started, and got even worse when i tried 100%VG.

Searching on VG allergy i found threads on ppl having the same reaction to VG that some others I read about before had to the PG, also that alot of people got dehydrated, so i search thru my stock of ejuices and manage to find 1 10ml flask left of the old stuff 75%PG and already after 24 hours of vaping it I am much better, and after 48 hours almost total recovery.


I have ordered some 100% PG now, problem with my e-liquids are hopefully solved 🙂

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