Vaper’s Tongue: How you cure it


Sooner or later it happens to all vapers, you slowly realize vaping tastes lesser and lesser and finally one day when you are vaping your favorite e-liquid for the 14´th day in a row you just: Where is the flavor!
You start to change the settings of your rig back and forth, you change the coils and try everything but nothing helps. Then you google some about it and diagnose your self having vaper’s tongue.

So you got Vaper’s tongue?

Not to worry, for most people it passes after a few days, but for some it lasts for weeks. In the case it lasts for weeks there are a few things you can try but don´t bather with some of the strangest advice’s out there, for example putting a tampon in your mouth will not help.

Here is what you can try, to cure your vaper’s tongue, just don´t give up and go back to smoking:

  1. Drink more water, vaping dehydrates you so you need more water then usual, specially in dry wintertime.
  2. Brush your teeth more frequently
  3. Switch out your favorite e-liquid to something else, maybe try some menthol ejuice.
  4. Put your nose in the coffe-jar and smell some coffee grounds
  5. Drink or flush your mouth with something sour, I use lemon water

4 and 5 is to kickstart, or reset  your sense of smell and taste

How to avoid vaper’s tongue?

I think the best way to avoid getting it again after you are cured is to rotate your ejuices more frequently and only vape the same flavor 2-3 days. Yea I know that can be hard once you found your favorite e-liquid.

Anyway, that´s my input and how I deal with vaper’s tongue and I have probably tried all the advices out there except the really strange ones like putting tampons in my mouth 🙂

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